Have a trainer on site for 4 to 5 days. Train staff in their own environment, integrating roomMaster with their daily procedures. Once the hotel infrastructure is in place and operational we will install roomMaster on server and workstations. We will do an overview of the system and discuss the setup choices with management staff. Once this is finalised we will work with staff to enter required details like the room types, rooms, rates, account codes and POS items. This will get staff familiar with the recurring maintenance procedures. Next we train staff in the normal day to day procedures and issues that may arise. The time required for training will vary with the level of experience of management and staff.


On line training at times of staff turnover training for new staff or where on site installation and training is not feasible due to budget constraints. We assist you with remote training, with hotel specific step by step walk troughs for the more intricate procedures.
By reviewing the system setup and audit logs with management and staff, we identify the areas were retraining or changes in setup are required.


Class room roomMaster training courses are available from training institutions in Fiji and Yangon. Please contact us for training courses in your area.