The most important part of the roomMaster installation is the infrastructure it runs on. In particular in developing countries at times it can be very difficult finding competent organizations  to install the required infrastructure properly.

The major components include:

  • Server (The main computer that holds the shared data and is accessed by all other workstations requiring access to that data) and workstations:  It is still common practice in many countries to install Servers and workstations with bootleg (pirated) software. Often the hack to unlock the software introduces malware into the system and of course the software is not upgraded when vulnerabilities are discovered in the future. Many of the recent high profile malware attacks leading to huge losses for the companies involved were due to known vulnerabilities in the software that were resolved in the latest versions of the operating system. However due to the operational scale of these large companies it is often difficult to upgrade all devices. Be careful with cheap software repairs: the cheapest way to repair a workstation with a damaged operating system structure or hard disk is to replace the corrupted install with a ready made pirated image. In the process a legitimate license will be wiped out.     
  • Cabling (Generally poor in developing areas). The often blue data cable that is used in walls is meant to be terminated on patch panels and wall outlets. It is solid core cable that is NOT suitable for the commonly sold crimp-on connectors. That is the connections between the wall outlet or patch panel  and PC, laptop, wireless access point, network switch or  other network equipment should not use this cable, but  rather is best made with factory manufactured patch and fly cables of the type with molded on connectors. Crimped on connectors on the blue solid core cables will inevitably fail with movement or corrosion. Solid core cable can be distinguished from the multi-strand cable used for fly and patch cables by making a kink in the cable. Solid core cable will maintain the kink, while multi-strand cable will quickly return to normal.   The cabling shown in the  image above is NOT reliable. Fly and patch cables using the commonly sold crimp on connectors must be made with multi-strand, flexible cable, best with a stress relieve cover. It is just very difficult to find the flexible multi-strand cable, while the solid core cable is easily available. Even so the good manufactured cables have the covers bonded to the plug, which provides extra protection.
  • If you have to jiggle the cable to establish a network connection, you most likely have the wrong fly-cable. This can lead to database corruption in the Standard and Enterprise editions of roomMaster which may mean restoring the database from backup and redoing all the work since the last backup. In the Premier edition is usually results in a view error, roomMaster has to be restarted and the last transaction on that workstation may have to be repeated.
  • Power (Mains, Backup generator and standby battery power for workstations and network infrastructure). Standby battery power should be sufficient to support the connected equipment for 15 minutes. Batteries should be replaced every three years.  The system should remain functional during a short power failure. With an extended power failure (For example if the generator doesn't start), everyone should save and exit all applications and shut down the workstations and server.  A workstation may loose network connection during a power failure. this is an indication that one or more network devices in not connected to a UPS. Have an IT or cabling person check all the network devices are plugged in to a UPS.

Please contact us to liaise with or supervise local installers and for more detailed intructions.